Onur Turna

I am a Turkish Industrial Engineer with a MBA degree from Bilkent University, one of the top universities in Turkey. After my graduation, I came to Bay Area to observe the Silicon Valley culture and learn how technically advanced companies and excellent professionals collaborate to create superior ventures. In this area, everything is changing so rapidly and there is always room for creating value through innovation, and these rooms are filled by startup companies everyday. Working in a dynamic environment like this in San Francisco Bay Area is a great addition to my career. I know that this would be really helpful once I go back to Turkey to eventually start my own business in e-commerce and renewable energy areas.
Besides work hours, I also find enough time to socialize and do sports. Good part of this visitor program is to have friends, co-workers from different regions of the world and share their culture and learn from their experiences. The area that I live in is also great to do sports, such as hiking, surfing and skiing. Combined with the business experience that I am having and the social benefits I can say that I am having a great time while advancing fast in my career.

Onur Turna


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